Friday, February 27, 2009

Building Your Inventory

The statement has been made to me, "your lucky, you have all those beads to play with." I owned an online bead store and a physical bead store so I technically had tens of thousands of dollars worth of beads at my disposal.

There was a time though when I didn't have so many beads to work with. When I started making electroform jewelry in the early '90's, I used whatever little bit of money that I had and looked for the best deals that I could find on supplies. Over time as I sold jewelry, I purchased more supplies to make more jewelry. We didn't buy new furniture, housewares, cars, or other goodies, I bought more beads and supplies to work with. Building the business was top priority.

If you want to get to the point where you can have lots of supplies to play with, just start small and keep building as best you can. When I started, we had to travel to shows, to sell our jewelry. Now you can sell your handmade items without leaving home by using the internet. Ebay was never a very good place to sell handmade items, but places like Artfire are.

The internet is a fabulous place to get more for your money when you buy supplies too. At liquidation sites like foxyfindings you get your supplies at prices that I used to pay when I bought large quantities from direct importers. Now it's like having the importers sell directly to you without buying large quantities.

It take a little time but if you start building your inventory of supplies a little at at time, you will find that one day, you will have a lot of The conclusion is that you can build your inventory and business without leaving home and paying a lot of money to be seen any more. It is a great day to start your business at home!

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